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Updating Your Expanded Business Listing

If you are a business owner, your user account will be tied to your business listing. To manage your listing:

  • Login to using your username and password
  • After logging in, you'll be directed to your account start page, which includes all sorts of cool info about recent ratings you've left and businesses and people you're connected to. Click on your businesses' name in the "My Businesses" section (and keep in mind that these functions are still being improved)
  • You're now viewing the directory listing as other people see it. Click on the "Manage this Listing" button toward the upper right of your listing. This will take you to the business-edit page
  • In the business edit section, you're able to edit most of the information about your business, including your slogan and description. Following are some specific details you should know about your business info:
    • Business Name: Because we got business data from the Secretary of State, this may be your legal name. You may change this to your recognizable dba if it helps your customers find you
    • Slogan: Make sure your slogan tells us briefly about your business or purpose
    • Contact Person: Ensure this is someone you want people to contact about your business
    • Email: Your listing's "contact" form delivers to this address, so be sure it's something someone checks regularly
    • Categories: The site has over 1200 categories for businesses, similar to yellow page categories. To add categories for your business, begin typing a related word (like "book" for a bookstore). A menu will drop down with available business categories. Click on one to select it and add it to your listing. You may select multiple categories for your business. So if you're a bookstore who also sells coffee, you can have "bookstores" and "coffeeshop" as categories. Users of the site are able to browse listings by category, so be sure to fill out this section.
    • Description: This is where to share the story of your business. How did it get started and what do you do? The description may be the most important way to help people who search the directory find you and what you have to offer. This is also a good place to list common misspellings of your business name, if applicable.
    • Special Offers: You can offer special discounts for new or regular customers to your business here. These postings will also be displayed on the home page for others to find.
    • Primary Location: This section is where you can update your primary location name, etc. If you have multiple locations, read the "manage location and hours" section below. The location name can be anything from "Highlands Square" if you have multiple locations or "Mailing Address" if you don't have a store front. Please note that a business address is required for your listing.
    • The "update business profile" button located below the primarily location fields allows you to save the edits you've made. Make sure to save your changes before navigating away from this screen
    • Manage Locations & Hours: If you business has multiple locations, this is the area to manage that information. To edit location information, click on the "edit location: (name)" link in red. To add a new location, click on "add a new location" Once you've added new locations, an edit link will appear in this box.
    • Author: This is currently the function that allows an individual user on the site to have the permission to edit a business listing. This field should be set to the username we created for you. If you would like to assign another staff person to edit this listing, please make sure they create their own username first - then simply insert their name into the "Author" field and click the "Change Author" button. Please note that only ONE user may be the author of a listing at any time. So when you assign a new user, you will no longer have access to edit this listing.
    • Return to Viewing This Business: This button will take you back to viewing your listing as others see it. Be sure to save any changes you've made by clicking the "update business profile" button under the Primary Location fields.
    • Logo: We're still working to add the functionality that will let you upload your logo. In the meantime, please feel free to email a web version of your logo to info [at] milehighbiz [dot] org and we'll add it for you. Logos should be no more than 250 pix wide, and please be sure to include your business name in your request.

The next section will explain more about the Business Practices Questionnaire and how it impacts your listing.

Fill out the Business Practices Questionnaire

A very important aspect of the directory is the rich set of business ratings that help other people find businesses that align with their values, acknowledge the good work you're doing in the community, and provide a feedback loop about the kinds of activities and behaviors we as citizens want to see from businesses.

The information you provide in the Business Practices Questionnaire is what determines your localness rating and the additional badges found on the right side of your listing. Many of the questions are optional, but business who answer most of them are given a "High Transparency" badge. Fill out this questionnaire when you have a few minutes, because you may have to do some research to determine the answers.

The Five Mountain Localness Rating: This is probably the most important rating on our system, and is similar to a "five star" rating. Every business on the directory has at least one mountain, which is given to you for being headquartered in the State of Colorado. As a member, you may then accumulate additional mountains (or portions of mountains) based on your percentages of purchasing, ownership, employees and sales that occur within the State. The purpose of this rating is to help people understand that when they spend money at your business, more of that money then circulates in our community, instead of leaving the region. The more money circulates in an area (and the faster it circulates), the healthier that local economy. Businesses with higher localness ratings are displayed above lower rated businesses when people search and browse the directory.

Customer and Community Ratings:When an individual posts a rating about a business, they are first asked to select their primary relationship to that business, such as customer, employee, owner, neighbor, vendor, etc. They are then asked to rate the business based on areas relevant to their relationship. Your community rating is the average rating given by others in our community, and your customer rating is specifically from customers. Feedback and ratings are a good way to find out what's working (and not working) in your business.

Overall Rating: The overall rating is a combination of all the other ratings on the system, including your business practices badges (some of which are weighted higher than others) If you currently have a low overall rating, see if there are things you missed in your survey. Look at ways to improve your localness rating by sourcing more of your purchasing from other Colorado businesses, or adopt new practices in your business (such as a local purchasing program, green energy or zero waste) to add more badges to your profile.

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