Welcome to FishTrax Online

We are actively working to get everything launched for the 2010 fishing year. We have imported all your PSC information and generated your quota holdings. We are now working to get you set up with access to all the tools you need to fish as part of the new sectors.

A Login is Required

Access to most of the features of FishTrax is limited to members of the Northeastern Fisheries Sectors. If you don't have your username and password, please contact us immediately to help you get set up.

Getting Yourself Set Up

When you contact us to help get you set up, be sure to have the list of all your captains and their operator permit IDs so that we can set up user accounts for everyone who needs to use FishTrax Onboard to track their catch.

Reporting Problems

If you have a problem you'd like to report, once you've logged in, you can submit a ticket to our support system so we can track your issue and get if fixed.